WorkPlace Giving

Building a Stronger Community

The United Way workplace campaign has been called one of the greatest social inventions in American history. Long before the crowd-funding movement, millions of people maximized their employer’s offering of donating through payroll deduction. Still seen as one of the most convenient ways to give back, over 70 million employees each year take advantage of this offering and give back to and through their local United Way.

While this offering is great for employees to give back to their local communities, the value to employers is even greater. Partnering with United Way to provide employees with a vehicle to give back increases company morale and engagement while amplifying your company’s impact on the communities where your employees live and work.

Your partnership with United Way enables your company to offer year-round opportunities to your employees that complement their campaign contributions while also meeting your corporate social responsibility goals.

All the money raised helps Fresno and Madera neighborhoods and residents only – so you’re not only making a local impact but also building a stronger community!

Start a Campaign

For company CEOs, presidents and human resource directors, getting a set up with a workplace giving campaign is easy. 

A United Way staff member will help you:

  • Assist in facilitating the program
  • Recruit a winning team of volunteers to market the campaign to fellow employees

United Way Employee  Workplace Campaign unites employees in all offices or branches of a company, and gives them an opportunity to donate, volunteer and speak out for causes that matter to them. You can see the results in your own backyard, even as you're part of a larger mission to affect change worldwide.

Contact: Nancy Meza

Manager of Campaign and Marketing