The Yield

What is The Yield?

On October 26, 2017,  United Way Fresno and Madera Counties launched a groundbreaking new initiative called THE YIELD.

The goal of THE YIELD is to promote lasting outcomes for working families.

THE YIELD serves to:

  • provide vision
  • strengthen capacity
  • generate resources
  • advocate for smart policy
  • evaluate progress

THE YIELD is a community empowerment model which serves to increase community access to quality health, education and financial stability.

THE YIELD includes programs like 2-1-1, the United Way’s 24-hour helpline, which receives 40,000 phone calls per year and tax service preparation assistance program, which returns millions of needed dollars into the hands of low and lower-middle-income families.

THE YIELD is a multi-year investment in innovative comprehensive community-based approaches that will put an end to the concept of the working poor. THE YIELD reflects the United Way belief that these programs, along with others, can promote lasting outcomes for working families.

Components of THE YIELD include:

Community Partnerships

  • THE YIELD community partners (e.g., THE YIELD partner CBOs)

Policy advocacy

  • Legislator stewardship

Awareness campaigns

  • Community awareness, marketing and advertising
  • Reinforcing the growth of healthy community pride, promote positive activities and news stories


  • Raise funds to support all components of THE YIELD, connect THE YIELD community partners to prospective funders


  • United Way programming includes 2.1.1. and tax preparation assistance programs, including VITA, other programming conducted by THE YIELD community partners

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Monitor and evaluate progress, adjust model as needed, manage grants, contracts, and donor gifts

Why Did United Way Fresno and Madera Counties Create The Yield?

United Way has well-established relationships: THE YIELD is rooted in the organization’s century-old relationship with communities throughout Fresno and Madera Counties.

The United Way:
  • recognizes the overwhelming need that exists throughout Fresno and Madera Counties
  • has the organizational capacity to develop programming, which can further benefit underserved communities
  • is in the privileged position of receiving support, in the form of donations, partnerships, and contracts from prominent corporate business partners, government agencies, foundations, and individual donors
  • has an established a time-tested and customer-approved reputation, and is a recognized brand which exudes trust, not only locally, but internationally.
  • is an organization which shares the bounty of their own success. Among other activities, the United Way is known for championing charitable workplace giving programs designed to designate financial and in-kind resources to local community organizations.

The United Way is uniquely positioned: THE YIELD seeks to capitalize on the United Way’s role as the heart of connectivity of local community benefit organizations, business, and government.

THE YIELD serves to:

Provide vision

  • Strategically implement a community empowerment model (e.g., THE YIELD) which serves to increase community access to quality health, education, and financial stability.

Strengthen capacity

  • Communities: Lead and leverage efforts to “build knowledge” (e.g., provide education and resources) to strategically selected target communities (i.e., educators, health practitioners, parents), relevant to working families.
  • Community organizations: Identify quality opportunities for community organizations, especially community partners, to strengthen organizational capacity, to increase quality and quantity of services delivered.
  • Government institutions: Inform, educate and lobby government institutions to support working families.

Generate resources

  • The condition of strengthened organizational capacity will lead to the development of new partnerships with prospective funding partners.
  • United Way will use its reputation as a trusted brand to open doors for community partners delivering THE YIELD services.

Advocate for smart policy

  • United Way understands that involvement in policy advocacy is key to social change. THE YIELD will boldly take stances on policy, which helps to stabilize working families. The organization will draw upon research which supports change of policy, cultivate relationships with legislators, and advocate for change.

Evaluate progress

  • Monitor and evaluate progress, adjust community empowerment model as necessary, manage partnerships/grants/contracts/donor gifts.