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  1. See the impact we are making in the Fresno and Madera Counties at large, as well as our impact in each of the eight counties in which you and your colleagues live.
  2. Recieve a copy of our Workplace Giving Campaign Toolkit, which lays out how to run the best employee giving campaign and has great tips for how you can get your coworkers involved. This will be one of the most important resources for you to refer to!
  3. Have any more questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact Nancy Meza  at 559-243-3684 or We’re here to help!


We have all the materials here to make your campaign successful! Should you have any questions or need other materials, please contact Nancy Meza at 559-243-3684 or

  • Workplace Giving Campaign Toolkit
  • Campaign Brochure 
  • Campaign Pledge Form 
  • Campaign Kick-Off Emails 
  • Campaign Emails 
  • Campaign Thank You Emails