About Us

Our Mission

United Way operates on the concept of living united, with the idea that the advancement of the common good will benefit the entire community. Our goal is to promote lasting outcomes and to ensure that the working class in Fresno and Madera counties flourish. We believe that when you extend a helping hand you influence, strengthen and bolster the health and stability of your neighborhood, community, and the world. Founded over a century ago, that same belief is still in effect today. We advocate for opportunities that align with our three focus areas; health, education, and financial stability.  

Where We Start

As many as one-third of individuals do not make enough money to meet their most basics needs. 40 million individuals are currently working in low paying jobs without appropriate health care or vacation time or holidays. Things such as saving for college, buying a home, or even retirement is off the table for most families. United Way is here to bridge the gap between working families and the needed resources. 

Our Work

With our corporate and community partners, we are able to bring resources to our working class through services such as