The Lifeline to Essential Community Services

2-1-1 is a program that serves as a lifeline to individuals and families in need. They can help with housing and food, or even more complex such as job training and resume building. Whatever you are in need of, 2-1-1 can assist. They also have immediate services if needed, such as shelters and access to food banks.

With a friendly and helpful staff, we are able to get individuals, families, and seniors to help and resources they need. Your donations, we are able to connect people in the community with agencies depending on their needs and qualifications. 

Visit Valley211.org for more information or call 2-1-1.

Project Hope

Project Hope is a program that is specifically designed to help students who are in a difficult situation. Teaming up with The Case Manager on Fresno State's campus, students are able to receive assistance with things such as housing displacement, transportation barriers, financial emergencies, and mental health. Project hope is able to coordinate referrals to campus and community resources and follow-up support in order for students to focus on what important, school.